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Pico de Teide - how to get the permit

Mountains :

Tenerife - Pico de Teide - Transportation - Guajara (2718 m) , Montana Pasajiron (2529 m), Montana de Roque (2198 m) - Montana Blanca (2748 m) - Los Roques de Garcia - Tips - The permit

Tenerife’s national park has restricted access for the last 200 metres or so, to the summit. Many people are unaware of this and obviously suffer great disappointment if they’ve struggled up on foot only to be denied access to the peak. Surely a small notice by the road informing visitors (spending their hard earned cash in Tenerife) of this and how to obtain one, would not be too difficult? The man I hitch-hiked with down to Puerto had rented a car, gone up with the cable car and unaware of the need for a permit to go to the summit, came away of course, very disappointed. Is this the way to treat tourists that Tenerife spends so much money trying to attract? This permission is free, but one does have to go to the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, and find their office to obtain the permit. Remember to bring with you your passport both at the office and on the mountain! Finding the office is probably easier than it seems, first goal is Plaza de España, in the centre of Santa Cruz, the place looks like this (left image).

Plaza de España 

Now go in the opposite direction to the town hall (right image). From the Plaza de España the street called Calle Emillio Calzadilla is then the 4th street, to the lower left, you see the turning point in the left hand picture. On the image you see your direction from Plaza de España, the furthest building behind the trees is where you need to turn. "Bang & Olufsen" is located where you take the turn to the left. Right image shows the door to the office which is on the 4th floor. Sometimes it is possible to arrange this before leaving your own country by phone/fax but when in Tenerife, only by visiting in person! Happy holidays.


The address to the office :

Office P. N. de Teide,
Calle Emillio Calzadilla 5
38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Phone : 922 29 01 29 or 922 29 01 83
Opening hours (Monday to Friday except public holidays) 9 am to 2 pm